Tk-20 RC Typhoon Class Submarine

My 1:100 scale Radio Controlled Typhoon submarine, filmed underwater at Brockwell Lido in London. The sub is a modified Engel Typhoon. If your interested in RC Submarines, have a look at my other videos.

Duration : 0:3:50

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27 comments on “Tk-20 RC Typhoon Class Submarine

  1. MattyClemz on said:

    simply an awesome … simply an awesome comment.

  2. Lukash9494 on said:

    these subs are the … these subs are the pride of the Russian and wheeldealer1′s navy

  3. reasoning777 on said:

    That is one crazy … That is one crazy RC submarine !! cudos for getting it together, and for posting eh! Thanks! This is as awesome to watch as the real thing ( in same scale of awesomeness ) Fantastic…

  4. subculture84 on said:

    The other submarine … The other submarine in the film is a Lafayette class, considerably smaller than an Ohio.

  5. PrinceMustDie666 on said:

    I look for engel … I look for engel typhoon it is like $2,500 US. A great model if this is your price range. Now put a camera on him so you can watch him swim underwter!

  6. superprofisherman1 on said:

    where do you get … where do you get good subs. thats a great vid! good job!

  7. 1ownjoo2 on said:

    Damn that is awsome … that is awsome i have always wanted a RC submarine but i never thought they made them

  8. angelus2000z on said:

    Russian Navy flag, … Russian Navy flag, after soviet-time

  9. marceloribeirobarros on said:


  10. peepeevagi on said:

    Make it so that it … Make it so that it fires missiles!

  11. Razgriz0111 on said:

    lol at 1:20 is that … lol at 1:20 is that a rebel flag

  12. spazzthewonderbrat on said:

    Where can I buy one? Where can I buy one?

  13. spazzthewonderbrat on said:

    Where can I buy one? Where can I buy one?

  14. greenseaships on said:

    @2:15- That leaf on … @2:15- That leaf on the mast is RUINING their sonar signature!

  15. greenseaships on said:

    FANTASTIC! Nice … FANTASTIC! Nice maneuvering too. I see an Ohio or 2 in there. A veritable fleet maneuver! One problem though- the crew forgot to bring the flag down when they submerged LOL

  16. Sigma0283 on said:

    it’s from the movie … it’s from the movie The Hunt For Red October. makes perfect sense for this sub since it’s a russian sub

  17. mrroboto396 on said:

    what is the … what is the soundtrack from? it sounds like its from a Star Trek movie

  18. theflea1123 on said:

    even though its 1/ … even though its 1/100 scale , it still looks minacing

  19. stevenc08 on said:

    Captain Ramius is … Captain Ramius is going crazy ivan!!

  20. Wheelerdealer1 on said:

    I have seen Engel … I have seen Engel subs come up on Ebay, though more often in Europe.

  21. Adhit787 on said:

    can i buy this in … can i buy this in ebay???

  22. daveothebraveo on said:

    ohh my god. … ohh my god. Absolutely grade-A bad and ridiculous. Totally sweet. Bravo-man. you know you did something right when a model gives you the chills.

  23. thewilhelm on said:

    Beautiful I love it … Beautiful I love it.
    Za CCCP!

  24. ZonixZ59706090 on said:

    Cool! I also have a … Cool! I also have a pool, so I’m planing to buy a RC submarine, but having a little hard time finding it here in sweden :(

  25. Thunderer01 on said:

    Yes it is (the Red … Yes it is (the Red October is a fiction version of a Typhoon SSBN). The kit of this Typhoon is from Alexander Engel, very hard to build!

  26. Picklewartremover on said:

    i have a few questions…
    can i get one in Canada
    how much is it
    how far can it go underwater
    thanks please reply asap

  27. You would have to contact the company that makes the Sub, and ask them.

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