RC Submarine OHIO Class 1/96 scale model

1/96 scale USS Ohio submarine model kit

Duration : 0:3:57

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9 comments on “RC Submarine OHIO Class 1/96 scale model

  1. zomgwtfkennedy on said:

    no it cant it can … no it cant it can jsut destroy a target anywhere in the world

  2. petepie on said:

    $1,500+S&P. … $1,500+S&P. Continental U.S. only. 6 week lead time.

  3. stewmeat95 on said:

    How much is it … How much is it please reply

  4. Gorbachev on said:

    It’s not. Unless … It’s not. Unless you have a grudge against the human race.

    Since I put it like that, it IS cool!

  5. Bendc1970A1 on said:

    BS.. What would be … BS.. What would be the tactical reason for that? If it could destroy the entire world then why would you want to cart it around on a sub? It wouldn’t matter where you set it off.

  6. Starspalace on said:

    how much is it how much is it

  7. jetsam50000 on said:

    Alright, thats … Alright, thats plain AW-su-ME

  8. HansNien on said:

    That’s … Wow.
    That’s something different than those submarines you can get in modelbuilding shops. It seems to be quite professional. Nice hobby, thanks for sharing.

  9. shasta337 on said:

    This is awesome. … This is awesome. Sweet engineering. I need this sub.

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